Tiring work (Friday Fictioneers)

Claire Fuller (7)

Image by Claire Fuller at http://clairefuller.co.uk/

“It’s spelled ‘tire’ with an ‘i’, you idiot,” my boss says.

“I prefer tyre,” I say softly. “Helps me tell the difference between tyre as in ‘car tyre’ and tire as in ‘I’m tired of this job’. We don’t always have that luxury.”


I say casually, “For example, ‘ass’?”

“What do you mean, ‘ass’?”

“It’s spelled the same for a donkey or a rear end. And that can be confusing.”

His face turns red and he storms back into his office.

I guess it doesn’t really matter. Either way, my boss is still an ass.


Friday Fictioneers is a challenge set by Rochelle Fields where writers around the world create 100 word stories inspired by the one image. For more information see: https://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/2014/11/19/21-november-2014


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22 responses to “Tiring work (Friday Fictioneers)

  1. Dear Jessie,

    Oh the things we’d love to say to our bosses. I loved this clever play on words and in this light “tyre” makes perfect sense. Hmm…it seems that words like colour vs color and favourite vs favorite have found their way into my everyday writing.

    At any rate, you made me laugh. Good one.



  2. You’re ‘leaning against an open door’ as we say round here. 🙂 Loved this, and the character of your narrator shines through. Well done.

  3. Haha, fantastic dialogue. I love the protagonists’ tone, it comes across so bored and placid, really giving the piece umph.

  4. good story. good dialogue. good point.
    The end.

  5. I’m going to need clarification. Is the boss a donkey or a rear end? If only there was a way to know from the spelling! Good story!

  6. Clever and entertaining.
    AnElephant enjoys.

  7. I had bosses that made me tired and I had bossed that were asses. I like your character very much.

  8. Caerlynn Nash

    I agree with SFF. I think we’ve all had at least one ass for a boss. Great response to the prompt.

  9. Nice word play and, mostly likely, someone looking for another job soon. 🙂


  10. Great stuff, Jessie. My guess is this boss is only barely intelligent enough to know that he needs to keep this employee around. She’s the only one smart enough to know which end is up.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail

  11. Dear Jessie,

    This is one of those ‘wish I’d written that’ stories. A tight, well though out skewering of an ass by the sharp mind of his minion. Excellent work.

    I figured Sandra would enjoy it immensely.



  12. Ha.. I can see that the boss can be the butt of many jokes being an ass 🙂

  13. Lovely playing with words.

  14. He certainly seems to have an intellectual edge on his boss (the ass). A fun read.

  15. Had a few bosses like that myself.


  16. Ha! I love this story Jessie, it’s so clever and funny. Thanks for the laugh.

  17. Great stuff – very funny, and the type of grammar pedantry I unfortunately find myself guilty of all too frequently.

    The ass line was pure gold.

  18. Jessie,
    That made me laugh. I’m surprised he still has a job after that little spelling lesson. Nice job.

  19. MrBinks

    Love it. I could feel you wanting to call your boss an ass from the very start 😀

  20. She got away with it! We should all know how to work it as subtly as she did. Nice little tale.

  21. HAHAHAHA! I always liked “arse” myself because, believe it or not, we use it at work. Good stuff, Jessie!

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