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What’s the one thing you’d do…

…if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

You may have been asked this before. It’s the type of thing that’s asked at the beginning of motivational business conferences as the ‘icebreaker’. Or it’s written in curly font with butterflies on a meme shared around Facebook getting one million likes and comments such as ‘so true’ and ‘luv this’.

But have you ever taken a moment to sit back and think… what’s the one thing you would do if knew you wouldn’t fail?

Do it now. Think of an answer!

Then I’ll let you read on.

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The worst present ever


I’ve always had the habit of giving people gifts that I would like to receive myself. But is that always a bad thing? In the case of the bright blue ukulele: apparently, yes.

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ABC Open 500 words project: Failure

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