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My latest ABC Open 500 Word stories – June to October 2015

My blog has been quiet lately, but my writing has managed to continue in the background.

Here are the last 5 months of my ABC Open 500 Word stories for you to enjoy.

June 2015 – Lost and found

My story, Avoiding distractions, talks about my utter despair when I realised I’d lost my engagement ring… on my wedding day.

July 2015 – Car stories

The longest word I know is about our first family car – the Brougham – and how it didn’t always get us from A to B.

August 2015 – For better for worse

The story Avoiding the inevitable explores how being from broken homes changed the way I view the relationship with my husband.

September 2015 – A test of courage

This month I wrote Zero to 172 km per hour in 1.8 seconds, which is about my ride on the fastest roller coaster in the world.

October 2015 – My big secret

What lurks beneath talks about a trip to the beach with my toilet-training toddler that didn’t happen to go so well…


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The last 4 months of ABC Open 500 words (February – May 2015)

Each month for the last 4 months, I’ve written an ABC Open 500 words story.

Here are the links to the stories and short blurbs about how I connected my own life with the theme for the month.

February 2015 – Lost in Music

My story, Looking for ‘the one’ on the dancefloor, talks about how I thought I met the man of my dreams on the dancefloor. At 3am. After way too many $1 vodkas.

March 2015 – Testing the friendship

This story called Our budding friendship goes back to when I was about 7 years old and teamed up with a girl who was quite a bit naughtier than I was. She showed me how to have fun without getting caught.

April 2015 – Grandparents

An emotional topic this month, and my most heartfelt piece so far for ABC Open. This is forever talks about my relationship with my grandparents – my grandfather who died last year and my grandmother who is now in a nursing home. Memories of their relationship with my own son warms my heart.

May 2015 – I quit

Mountain-top quitting talks about a snowboarding trip my husband and I took to New Zealand 10 years ago… and how sore I was after falling over 567 times on the hard, icy snow.

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AUDIO: The Monet (ABC Open 500 words – I broke it)

I wrote about how a framed picture of Monet’s water-lillies played an integral (if not, embarrassing) part of a roadtrip up the coast. ABC liked it and produced it for Radio National’s Life Matters program.

It’s a short, fun piece about young love. You can listen to the audio here (where you’ll agree that singing is not my strength) or read the online published piece here.


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The Monet (ABC Open 500 words)

Update: this piece was produced into an audio version for Radio National’s Life Matters program. Go to this post to have a listen.

The ABC Open 500 words theme for September 2014 is ‘I broke it’. There are surprisingly very few things I’ve broken in my lifetime (bones included… running tally ZERO touch wood) so I had to think back to when my husband and I first went away together on a trip up the coast.

Here’s the link:

bed jump

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Right here, right now (ABC Open 500 words)

This month’s theme on ABC Open is ‘Right here, right now’ and since it was also the month that my son turned 1, I had to write this one about him.

It’s called Three Hundred and Sixty-Four Days and here’s the link:

My precious 11-month-old Image by Brian Mottram

My precious 11-month-old
Image by Brian Mottram


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Odd One Out and Endings (ABC Open 500 words)

The last two topics of ABC Open 500 words were ‘Odd one out’ and ‘Endings’. My first piece describes my student exchange to Japan and what it’s like to be a 6-foot blonde in a country like Japan, and the second talks about a recent visit to the hairdressers where I thought I was being cool in front of the young apprentice.

Here are the links:

1. A blonde in a sea of black (Odd One Out)

Jessie and Kaya Japan 1997

2. The end of the old (young) me (Endings)


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A girl just like me (ABC Open 500 words)

This month’s ABC Open 500 words theme was ‘U-turn’. In this piece I talk about how my opinion of someone completely changed in just one night.

Here’s the link:

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