A bridge is a bridge (Friday Fictioneers)


Image by CE Ayr at https://ceayr.com/ 


Jay was a statue as he stared at the rust red structure in front of them.

‘Incredible. A hundred times better in real life.’

Eloise shrugged her shoulders. ‘Bit of a let down, I reckon.’

Jay glared at her. ‘A let down?!’

‘One thing, it’s not even-’

Jay interrupted. ‘Gold. Everyone says that.’

Eloise bit her lip. ‘But not just that. It’s… I was expecting arches and pylons and suspension cables. Not this one metal beam across a railway line and a few roads.’

She paused, then asked earnestly, ‘Are you sure this is actually the Golden Gate Bridge?’


Friday Fictioneers is a challenge set by Rochelle each week where writers from around the world post 100 word stories based on a common photo prompt. For more information, and to read other stories, visit Rochelle’s page here.



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62 responses to “A bridge is a bridge (Friday Fictioneers)

  1. That made me laugh out loud. If you’d had more space to develop Eloise and Jay’s characters it would have had even more of a twist

  2. Dear Jessie,

    Don’t tell me he sold it to her? Oh dear. There’s one born every minute. Good one.



  3. Hahahaha! I felt the same way when I remember the Golden Gate bridge as a kid. Where was the gold?

    Five out of five Rice-a-Roni’s.

  4. The end was hilarious…..loved the read

  5. margaret jackson

    Made me laugh out loud too Jess — very clever.

  6. He might be an idiot, but don’t dare contradict him 🙂

  7. Dale

    So very funny! Loved it!

  8. Ha! I think they might have taken a wrong turn somewhere … Love the dialogue here, very natural feel to it. Lovely take on the prompt

  9. Haha brilliant, gave me a laugh 🙂

  10. Graham Lawrence

    I often chuckle but that got a good laugh. Thanks!

  11. The first thing I thought of was a dystopian future and that really was all that’s left of the Golden Gate Bridge.

  12. michael1148humphris

    Just great, a lovely funny story,

  13. Being led down the garden path, eh? Good one.

  14. Liked the dialogue going between the two. Came out very real life like.
    Clever end lines too.

  15. gahlearner

    Hilarious! I bet he didn’t ask for directions. What fun.

  16. Ha.. it’s not enough with the color…

  17. AS everyone has said, laugh out loud stuff

  18. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover

    Nice twist. Nicely written, I too was led astray by your story.

  19. Maddie's Mama

    Funny, this is such a simple dialogue, but it’s so well written that it really flows like a natural conversation would. You sort of forget you’re reading it. Love the ending. Poor thing.

  20. Ashley Danielle

    Oh, wow! That is funny! Great character development!

  21. Eloise must be a really fun travelling companion. She’ll be learning a lot, no doubt.

  22. Ha! Ha! I’ll bet he does not ask for directions.

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