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A bridge is a bridge (Friday Fictioneers)


Image by CE Ayr at https://ceayr.com/ 


Jay was a statue as he stared at the rust red structure in front of them.

‘Incredible. A hundred times better in real life.’

Eloise shrugged her shoulders. ‘Bit of a let down, I reckon.’

Jay glared at her. ‘A let down?!’

‘One thing, it’s not even-’

Jay interrupted. ‘Gold. Everyone says that.’

Eloise bit her lip. ‘But not just that. It’s… I was expecting arches and pylons and suspension cables. Not this one metal beam across a railway line and a few roads.’

She paused, then asked earnestly, ‘Are you sure this is actually the Golden Gate Bridge?’


Friday Fictioneers is a challenge set by Rochelle each week where writers from around the world post 100 word stories based on a common photo prompt. For more information, and to read other stories, visit Rochelle’s page here.



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