The Blog Hop – why I write and other notes about writing

It’s time to do my very own ‘Blog Hop’ where I answer 6 questions that reveal my writing process and why I write. Kel from the Naughty Corner of Social Niceties posted her blog hop last week and kindly passed the baton to me.

I’ve also nominated three of my favourite bloggers (and favourite people, come to think of it) to do the same.

It's Blog Hop time! Image by Dean McCoy at

It’s Blog Hop time!
Image by Dean McCoy at

1. Why do I write?

This is surprisingly hard to answer. What is it that I enjoy about writing? I love the fact that I can create characters and worlds in my head then transfer them into a form that can be shared with others. In saying that, the transfer from mind to paper doesn’t always work, but when it does I relish the moment and read my pieces over and over and over.

2. Why do I write what I do? 

People are so often misunderstood in real life so I like to tell their stories and make people reconsider their prejudices. Almost all of my pieces are fiction, but every character is based on my observations of people and events around me. When a reader’s response is ‘I never thought about it like that before’ I consider my job done and dusted.

3. What am I working on now? 

I’ve had a few short stories published (see my Achievements page) and my blog is moving along nicely, so my next big project is my very first novel. It’s a story that follows two passionate people on a driving holiday across the USA and the ups and downs of their relationship. I’ve written the first draft but it needs a lot of work. I’m dedicating 2015 to get it to a level that I’d be happy to share with the world.

4. How does my writing process work?

I get my inspiration away from the computer. I don’t go looking for stories, they usually come to me. I might see a lady waiting for the bus and begin conjuring her back-story in my mind. Or I’ll hear a news story that makes me angry and I build a story around that. I always like to add a twist or a surprise that makes people think.

Almost always I create the whole story in my head before sitting down and writing. It might take a few days or a few weeks to get it to a place in my mind that I’m happy with. Then I’ll sit down and write it very quickly from start to finish. I then like to run it by my writing group for feedback.

5. Do I differ from others in my genre?

I wouldn’t say my writing is unique, but I am starting to better understand my own point of view. I don’t have the goal to publish a stand-out breakthrough novel that everyone in the world raves about, but I very much have the goal to publish a number of books that make people think differently about the world in which they live.

6. Meet the Blog Hoppers

I need to nominate 3 bloggers to complete the above task, and this one is easy! I’m part of a writing group that meets once a fortnight to read and critique each other’s writing projects, and some in the group have started dabbling in the world of blogging. I look forward to reading their answers to the above questions.

  • Di from ‘A Budding Writer’ writes gorgeous descriptive pieces from the past that make you feel like you’re right there alongside the characters.
  • Marg from ‘Marg’s Slices of Life’ writes a range of genres, from funny short stories to deep emotional pieces to horror stories – all of which send chills up my spine!
  • Maree from ‘A Writer’s Mental Notes’ writes deep layered pieces that cleverly reveal a character’s inner thoughts through actions and events.


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14 responses to “The Blog Hop – why I write and other notes about writing

  1. Wow, Jessie – quite a task you have fulfilled very succinctly and interestingly. You have obviously clarified your thoughts and ideas on the questions re writing. My mind is no where as clear as that about the issue – but the questions will hopefully clarify some things for me too.

  2. Marg jackson

    Jessie. I feel very honoured to be numbered among some of your favourite bloggers and people. Your Blog Hop is very interesting and informative and well thought out. Thank you for sharing. I find it very helpful to read about the writing process of other writers. We are a very eclectic bunch we writers. It makes it more OK to follow my own style. This task you have set me is well timed. Just at present I need a good shove in the direction of defining and accepting my own style. I will work on this over the next few days or so.

  3. What a great idea Jessie, and you have answered those questions so well. I can really relate to thinking and creating stories in your head before writing them down, I tend to do the same thing. Congratulations on completing the first draft of your novel – such a hugh achievement.
    I also find support and inspiration from group work and critiques to enhance my writing and build skills.
    Thank you for nominating me to ‘carry the baton’ – like Marg, I consider it an honour. – I’ll do my best!
    Well done and great blog site by the way.

  4. You have such a clear vision of why and how you write, Jessie. It was a fascinating post. Like Marg, I love to hear about the process other writers go through. I’m looking forward to reading all of the hops.

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  6. Aidan Walsh

    Very clearly and cleverly put, Jessie. Which would surprise no one who knows you. 🙂

    I love that your goal is to have people reconsider their prejudices. What a fantastic reason to write.

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