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45. Jane Eyre – Charlotte Brontë (100 book challenge)

I’d always thought that Brontë’s Jane Eyre would be something along the lines of an Austen story… long, tedious and based solely around trying to win the man (my previous reviews of Austen haven’t been the most glowing).

And yes, Jane Eyre seemed to start along those lines, until page 130 when the mysteriousness of Mr Rochester’s attic was introduced, followed by eerie wailings and laughter at all hours. Suddenly, we had a story worth reading!

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26. Wuthering Heights – Emily Brontë (100 book challenge)

Wuthering Heights, the song, is the soundtrack of my early childhood. My mother would pull the Kate Bush record from its sleeve and put it on the player, then dance around the loungeroom in all her glory.

Wuthering Heights, the book, I knew nothing about. But guess what song was stuck in my head for the entire 52 days it took me to read it?

Wuthering Heights cover

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