Fuzzy (Friday Fictioneers)


I walked up to the band and said ‘shhhhhh!’ Seriously, the noise was going right through my head. But did they listen? Of course not. They just kept playing and playing with little regard for how it was impacting me and my sensitive ears. ‘Shhhhh’ I tried again. The trombone player screwed up his nose at me. The violinist rolled her eyes. Then a young lady, who I’d never seen before in my life, appeared next to me wearing this big fuzzy white gown.

‘Gran! Come on, Gran. Let’s sit you back down over here shall we?’

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly online challenge where writers from around the world post 100 word stories inspired by the one photo. To read more, click here.


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27 responses to “Fuzzy (Friday Fictioneers)

  1. Marg jackson

    So clever Jessie – Always love the punchline.

  2. Dear Jessie,

    It took me a couple of reads to realize what was going on here. My mother-in-law is fading away from us so this touched me deeply. Very well done.



  3. micklively

    Senility is a horrible curse. Good piece.

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  5. Ah, a sad, well told tale of dementia. The confusion, the distress… excellent work.

  6. Really sad about the grandmother, but how they said up there, cleverly written!

  7. Actually music can be quite soothing for many with dementia.
    Play it again, Sam.


  8. Sensitively worked story on a difficult topic.
    Nicely done.

  9. bykimberlylynne

    When we were losing my MIL to dementia, she couldn’t remember names, places, or faces, but sung nursery tunes and Christmas carols to the last day. The lady in the adjoining suite would scream for her to shut up… quite the cacophony. Nice piece of work.

  10. The curse of dementia.
    Cleverly written.

  11. The curse of not having lost your hearing as your mind is failing. really sad, but you manage to catch the humor in it.

  12. Great writing, didn’t see the ending coming, brilliant!

  13. What a wonderful story being told by the person who has dementia/Alzheimers. Nice writing!

  14. What a novel take on the prompt. Sad but engaging.

  15. gahlearner

    The big fuzzy white gown… was this the granddaughter’s wedding? So sad, to not recognize loved ones any more. The first person pov makes this even more poignant.

  16. Beautifully written and so sad. Great take on the prompt!

  17. Aw, she’s lost her marbles…er, memory.

  18. I love the compassion of the grand daughter. The band could be a little more empathetic.

  19. I’m with Granny. Sometimes the band does play too loudly. Ha ha
    Cute and compassionate tale.

  20. Now, my Granny would have been up dancing… then I would have had top say,‘Gran! Come on, Gran. Let’s sit you back down over here shall we?’
    Loved it.

  21. Very poignant She’s lucky to have her granddaughter in her life…even if she doesnt remember her.

  22. I usually read from the outside perspective, so this was quite wonderful and heartrending. Her voice/thoughts seem so rational and aware, but she isn’t. Thank you for writing this the way you did and sharing it with us. It also hits home for me, too.

  23. Dear Jessie,

    Life tail end is sometimes fraught with discordant notes and no way out of listening to them either. A lovely story that illustrates this well. Good work.



  24. I love this – funny but poignant too. The “young lady who I’d never seen before” was a good line that only revealed itself with the final sentence. Very good writing

  25. The only silver lining in not remembering is that you don’t remember. Nice story, albeit somewhat sad.

  26. Dear Jessie, Cute story and sad that “Gram” doesn’t realize she is interfering with the performance. Good job! Nan

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