The Next Level – today’s session summary and key notes (Newcastle Writers Festival event)

Below is a session summary and key notes from today’s Newcastle Writers Festival session ‘The Next Level: How to take your writing from hobby to publication’. This is a FREE event held today at Newcastle City Hall in the Mulubinba Room at 3pm.

What the session’s about

If you’ve always thought about writing a book, this session will encourage you to start getting those words on the page. If you’ve started but don’t know how to finish, this session will help that too. And if you’ve finished the book (congratulations!), this session will give you some tips on how to polish it so it’s ready for publication.

See below for key links mentioned today in the session.

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Who are the presenters and what will they be talking about?

Margaret Jackson will discussing writing groups and how they can give invaluable help to different people at different stages of their writing. Marg blogs at

Aidan Walsh will be talking about discipline and how it’s a necessary skill to master to get that book finished. Aidan keeps an encyclopaedia of this fantasy world at and Tweets @AidanRWalsh

Maree Gallop will be talking through her writing process and how she takes an initial idea through to a complete story ready for publication. Maree blogs at and Tweets @MareeGallop

And I’ll be sharing a few hints and tips along the way, including talking about the importance of an ‘online presence’ as an author, and the different forms your writing can take.

A few things mentioned in the session today:

eBook Mirrors – this is an eBook featuring stories from a number of the writers in our writing group. Check it out here.

ABC Open 500 words projects – a brilliant free online community for Australians wishing to share their stories online. Here are my stories from ABC Open.

Amazon author pages – these are easy to set up. Here is mine.

Top Ten Tuesday – an online writing challenge where you have to list your top ten of certain writing-related topics each Tuesday.

Friday Fictioneers – an online writing challenge where people around the world post 100 word stories inspired by the one photo.

Different forms your writing can take

I will be talking through these in today’s session.

The traditional forms of writing are:

  1. Novels
  2. Novellas
  3. The short story
  4. The long short story
  5. Flash fiction
  6. Poetry
  7. Non-fiction articles
  8. Essays
  9. Young adult fiction
  10. Children’s books, including picture books

Alternate forms of writing are:

  1. Script writing
  2. Song lyrics
  3. Book reviews
  4. Haiku
  5. Limericks
  6. Sonnets
  7. Dissertations
  8. Graphic novels or comic strips
  9. Interviews
  10. Extreme flash fiction such as ‘Six word stories’

Online forms of writing are:

  1. Blog posts
  2. Submissions to online communities such as ABC Open
  3. Responses on forums that interest you
  4. eBooks
  5. Online articles
  6. Comments to online articles
  7. Guest posts on other writer’s blogs
  8. Twitter tweets
  9. Memes to be shared on places like Facebook
  10. Online challenges such as ‘Top Ten Tuesday’ and ‘Friday Fictioneers’


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3 responses to “The Next Level – today’s session summary and key notes (Newcastle Writers Festival event)

  1. I enjoyed this session very much! Thanks so much for the ideas and encouragement.

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