The Story Behind the Scenes

A lovely little write up about our group that meets once a fortnight. I agree with Maree: this is one successful little group!

A Writer's Mental Notes

Behind the stories there’s a group of enthusiastic writers working hard.  Once a fortnight in a house in Newcastle, seven writers gather to share their work, offer encouragement, critique and constructive criticism.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to be part of such an industrious group of people. We range in, age, experience, genre and even gender. But our common thread is our passion for writing.

I’ve found it so important to share ideas, knowledge, fears, hopes and dreams. The support of a writing group can be valuable for improving writing skills, boosting confidence, challenging thoughts and having fun.

Together we’ve achieved so much in a short time; we’ve won numerous competitions, prizes, awards, commendations, been published in newspapers, online, e-books, hard-cover books and attended public events, live reads and radio shows.

We are a force to be reckoned with!

I enjoy a balance of spending time writing alone, coupled with the…

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One response to “The Story Behind the Scenes

  1. sally egan

    Great Piece Maree and good thinking Jess… thanks for write up on our great group,succintly and famously expressed, and another blog done Maree and Jess you busy ladies!!! Congrats Sal

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