The darkness above the lights (Friday Fictioneers)

Image by Ken Bonham at

Image by Ken Bonham at

Hidden in the darkness above the lights and perched on a dusty beam he watches her perform. She throws her body across the wooden floor: the passion, the pain, the sorrow of lost love.
Next to him sits a little grey mouse.
They wait for the audience to leave.
Then, the mouse scurries along the beam and hops to the floor, hoping to find something to eat.
He swings down too, hoping to catch her before she leaves. Hoping to tell her how he feels.
Hoping to find dropped food.
Hoping to find lost love.
But they find neither.


Friday Fictioneers is a challenge set by Rochelle Fields where writers around the world create 100 word stories inspired by the one image. For more information see:


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64 responses to “The darkness above the lights (Friday Fictioneers)

  1. Dear Jessie,

    The bleak side of a performer. For all those who find success there are thousands who don’t. Well done.



    • Thanks for your comment and for another fabulous prompt this week. I started back at work this week after being home with my baby for 8 months and I’m working Mon-Wed, so Wednesday is my Friday and perfect for Friday Fictioneers!

  2. Good one Jessie, there is a sense of hope in this story, maybe unfounded but hope none the less.

  3. sally egan

    Love it Jessie, the title drew me in when I should be doing other things, its lyrical and poetic and poignant!!:)Sal

  4. A poignant tale of mice and men. Well done Jessie.

  5. I could see this happening. Well, maybe not where I work, but …
    Thanks for this, Jessie.

  6. Sad ending, although I like the juxtaposition of him and mouse, each looking for something but not finding it.

  7. TheImaginator

    Aww, the evil dragon creature pines for love 😉

  8. The title was just right to draw me into the story and the parallels you set up in the story worked, too. I felt the sadness.


  9. Searching for a morsel; a good story of a starving artist.

  10. I felt the heartbreak in your story. Lovely and sad, Jessie!

  11. I found him a bit creepy to begin with, hiding there above her, but then in space of 100 words you turned it round and I felt sorry for him.

  12. I see a lot of love and desire in this piece – good job

  13. Love it… The Phatom of the Light Set!

  14. Good story with description that paints a definite word picture. Sad but with a ray of hope perhaps.

  15. Very intriguing story. It taps into the pain that comes from one-sided relationships…When you care so deeply for someone and they barely acknowledge your existence. Very clever title as well!

  16. I felt a Phantom of the Opera vibe here that was very strong and heart-breaking. Very effective story.

  17. Well done. Bleak, haunting, searching.

  18. Great build up and then… the hammer of the last sentence. Awesome.

  19. The little grey mouse could be a metaphor for the male character’s spirit. The mouse wants crumbs while he yearns for all the passion and love of which the actress is capable to satisfy him. The irony though, is that he is the one in the dark whilst she is in the light below but apparently quite oblivious. Some deep layering here, so well done Jessie.

  20. Lovely piece. I sense a musical coming on. Who shall we cast as the mouse?

  21. You really captured their position outside of the performance world, only descending when everyone is gone. I hope they have better luck tomorrow night!

  22. An aching tale of unrequited love. Like the writing style as well. It suits the atmosphere of the story

  23. Nice, and an interesting structure, with the alternate sentences for mouse and man. I enjoyed this.

  24. Poignant ending, very nicely done.

  25. The mood you’ve created here is tangible, and poignant. Nicely written, Jessie.

  26. Dee

    Great take on the prompt Jessie, liked your comparison of the needs of mice and men…

  27. You made something really creepy sound sweet… Fantastic! 🙂

  28. Jessie, This is a familiar story, but you tell it well. I especially like the addition of his rodent companion. The story ends on a sad note but I sense there will be another night and more hope to come.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail

  29. This is a good story that sadly is too close to truth. You did a great job with the prompt.


  30. Living in the reflected light of others is always painful. You have to find your own light and let it shine! Well written and in a novel way.

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