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A load of rubbish: teaching students respect (ABC Open 500 words)


How do you make high school students respect their school grounds?
Image by Simon Brass at http://www.flickr.com/photos/dogbomb/526541283/

This is my March 2014 contribution to ABC Open 500 words (topic: CRINGE). Read about my leadership attempt in high school that (almost) achieved brilliant results.

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Personal challenge: more than 30 engaging stories in 2014 (ABC Open 500 words)


How quickly do you write?
Image by Walt Stoneburner at http://www.flickr.com/photos/waltstoneburner/9253192330/

This is my February 2014 contribution to ABC Open 500 words (topic: PERSONAL CHALLENGE). I talk about my personal goal to write a blog piece every fortnight and submit to ABC Open every month in 2014.

Here’s the link:


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A free breakfast in New York

Kindness from strangers can turn up in all places – including on a chilly autumn morning in New York.

Here’s the link:


ABC Open 500 words project: The kindness of strangers

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A complete shift in priorities

On becoming a mum.

This ABC Open 500 words piece describes what it’s like to go from career woman to mother overnight (and how now I couldn’t imagine life any other way).


ABC Open 500 words project: On the job


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Being a writer is lonely: 5 ways to change this (ABC Open Guest Blog)

This is my first post as a Guest Blogger for ABC Open

Type ‘being a writer is…’ into a Google search and it suggests the following top searches:

  1. Being a writer is lonely
  2. Being a writer is hard
  3. Being a writer is like having homework
  4. Being a writer is depressing

Now, that’s certainly a depressing Google search! But is loneliness something that all writers have to suffer?

Read my Guest Blogger piece on ABC Open for my top 5 tips on how to turn writing into less of solitary hobby and more of something enjoyable you can share with others – and you’ll find that the quality of your writing will improve at the same time.



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ABC Open 500 words: Locals in the mid-West (Travel Tales)

Experiencing the locals in America’s mid-West

June 2013

A task as simple as paying for petrol introduces me to a bunch of characters I never expected to meet.

A post about an experience during our 2010 trip across the USA.


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ABC Open 500 words: Bourbon St New Orleans (Travel Tales)

Bourbon Street

Image by Jessie Ansons

A quiet night on Bourbon Street

June 2013

Just when I thought I’d have an uneventful night in New Orleans…

This piece describes my New Orleans experience while we were travelling around the USA in 2010.


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ABC Open 500 words: Quiet Please (An Act of Rebellion)

Quiet please: rebellion in progress

May 2013

How tattoos, beer and loud music got me into University.

This piece was one of three on the ‘featured’ list for May 2013 (out of 98 contributions). It is a light-hearted piece describing my last year of high school and how I rebelled from my parents.


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