My little fairy (Friday Fictioneers)

© Copyright - Rachel Bjerke

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‘I’m not eating unless it’s green!’

She was being a difficult little fairy and not eating her vegetables. Except for the green ones.

I hadn’t signed up to this. I thought it would be all cute little wings and waving of tiny wands deep in the garden by the brick barbecue.

‘No carrots. No corn. And only green spoons!’


Do you know how hard it is to rhyme a bunch of vegetables in a fairy spell when it’s late and you’ve had a long day?

So I took the easy way out and just turned everything green.


The Newcastle Writers Festival opens on Friday night (hurrah!) My writers group is presenting a session on Sunday called ‘The Next Level’, giving free practical tips on how to take your writing from hobby to publication. Here’s the link. Would love to see you all there (seriously, hop on a plane now and you’ll make it).

Friday Fictioneers is a challenge set by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields where writers around the world create 100 word stories inspired by the one image. For more information follow this link to Rochelle’s FF blog.


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61 responses to “My little fairy (Friday Fictioneers)

  1. Marg jackson

    Love this Jessie – great little twist at the end had me smiling.

  2. Dear Jessie,

    And Brussels sprouts take wing. Cute story.



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  4. micklively

    Made me giggle (not easy on a Wednesday). 😉

  5. gahlearner

    That’s an aspect of fairy life you usually don’t get to see. Thanks for the much-needed giggle. 🙂

  6. Caerlynn Nash

    Darned those fairies anyway! Fun take on the prompt.

  7. At times, the easy out is the best solution! A good one!

  8. I like a practical witch. It’s not easy being green, I’ve heard. Nice story, Jessie.

  9. Too cute, I enjoyed your story so much! Thank you. 😀

  10. Perfect for the day after St. Patrick’s Day too, Jessie. I’d love to hop on a plane and attend, but I’ve got to head off for work in less than two hours, so you’ll have to soldier on without me. Sounds good, though, just like your story.


  11. bykimberlylynne

    Thanks for the memory. My younger fairy went through a “refuses to eat white foods” spell. We never know what we’re getting into, do we?

  12. I think those little faeries can be quite unfair… I love the lightness of this.. How wonderful to have a writing group like this.

  13. That’s the way to solve things. Great wand, you have there.

  14. Adorable! Reminds me of a few children I have met on my journey. 😀

  15. Nice one, brought back memories of days gone by. 🙂

    I like green eggs and ham!
    I do! I like them, Sam-I-am!
    And I would eat them in a boat!
    And I would eat them with a goat….

  16. Dear Jessie,

    Should have just given her green contact lenses. Great story.



  17. I wish I could have a magic wand at mealtimes ….
    Lovely story Jessie

  18. Jessie, There’s more than one way to skin a . . . I mean, um, feed a fairy. Nicely done.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail

  19. How lovely! Fairies are known for being tricky like that. Great job!

  20. Silly and lovely. Thank you. I’m smiling. Tracey

  21. This made me smile. A real pleasure 🙂

  22. oh, that’s awesome! Makes me wonder if the fairies turned green too 🙂

  23. Cute story 🙂 Quite the demanding little fairy.

  24. A different take on ‘going green’! Nice, light take on the prompt. Hope you fairy manages to get some rest. 🙂

  25. I think it might have just been easier to stomp the fairy.

  26. Very nice, Jessie. So that’s where all the green came from. Enjoy the festival – for the second year in a row I’m unable to make it as I’m nursing my mother after surgery. Sigh.

    • Shame you can’t be there! I’ll be posting a summary of our session soon, so you can be there in spirit. Maybe see you next year and I hope your mum recovers quickly 🙂

  27. This is very cute!! I wish I had a solution like this to get my little fairy to eat her veggies!!! Where’s my mom-wand when I need it 😉
    Lovely tale, well done!

  28. Dear Jessie, Cute story and I love that everything got turned green. Very pleasant! Nan 🙂

  29. Nice green story. Good luck with the festival. Hope your session goes well

  30. I love this, an original take on the prompt and a lovely domestic view of fairy life 🙂

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