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A load of rubbish: teaching students respect (ABC Open 500 words)


How do you make high school students respect their school grounds?
Image by Simon Brass at

This is my March 2014 contribution to ABC Open 500 words (topic: CRINGE). Read about my leadership attempt in high school that (almost) achieved brilliant results.

Here’s the link:

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Mirrors – The Writing Workshop Anthology

My piece will be included in this anthology. And yes, I’m VERY excited. Looking forward to the launch!

The Writers' Life

Mirrors The Cover Mirrors
The Cover

Remember your first time?

The first time a piece of your writing was published? How your heart tap-danced on your ribs? How you wanted to stick your chest out proudly and at the same time hide under your bed?

Remember how it felt the second time? Or the third? Doesn’t matter how many times I’ve been published I still feel that same ecstatic thrill.

It’s building up now that MIRRORS is ready to be launched. Times it by 8 other writers and that’s a lot of very excited authors.

Within the next few weeks the Writing Workshop anthology will be available on Amazon and we couldn’t be more thrilled. You just can’t see how excited because we’re under the bed.

Keep a watch for the final launch details here.


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Personal challenge: more than 30 engaging stories in 2014 (ABC Open 500 words)


How quickly do you write?
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This is my February 2014 contribution to ABC Open 500 words (topic: PERSONAL CHALLENGE). I talk about my personal goal to write a blog piece every fortnight and submit to ABC Open every month in 2014.

Here’s the link:

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Why would you bother? (Friday Fictioneers)

‘Why would you bother?’

I knew they’d say that.

‘It takes half a day to reach the summit, you know?’

Yet here I am.

The breeze has turned cool and fresh. I smell the smoke of the recent eruption. I can taste the ash on my tongue. And I hear… nothing.

‘Why would you bother?’

Emphasis on the ‘you’.

I kneel down and pour out some water for Lola.

Just one more breath to savour the silence.

‘Come on, girl.’

I tug on her harness and she leads me, one step at a time, back down the path.


Friday Fictioneers is a challenge set by Rochelle Fields where writers around the world create 100 word stories inspired by the one image. For more information see:


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Guest Blogger – Jessie Ansons

My guest blog piece on ‘The Writer’s Life’ – three ways to keep motivated when you never seem to win.

The Writers' Life

 Jessie Ansons Jessie Ansons How to keep motivated when you never seem to win

I recently came second place in the Newcastle Herald’s Summer Short Story competition with my story, The Deepest of Blues. I won my first ever prize for writing and it felt fantastic. Friends and family congratulated me, my story was published online, my name printed in the paper… it was a moment well worth celebrating.

But for every winner, there are loads who didn’t win. I know this because I have been that ‘not-winner’ many, many times over.

The Herald comp had just three winners. Then there were twenty-odd shortlisted entrants who almost made it, more than a hundred who entered but never heard back, and hundreds, maybe thousands, of writers who considered entering the comp but for whatever reason didn’t meet the deadline.

That’s a lot of ‘not-winners’.

Over the ten years prior to this one…

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My fifteen minutes of fame

Going on the radio for the first time can be terrifying… but also a lot of fun.

ABC Open 500 words: One Moment, This Year (December 2013).

Here’s the link:

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The deck of cards memory shuffle (ABC Open Guest Blog)

How being a writer helped me learn to memorise a shuffled deck of cards (see link):


Memorising a deck of cards is near impossible, right?
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