Tunnel vision (Friday Fictioneers)

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Image by Dale Rogerson at https://adelectablelife.com

Not one of the photos Jay took with his new camera at Tunnel View turned out.

Eloise flicked through the photos on her phone.

‘Here’s the one I took.’

Jay scoffed at the photo she’d taken from the road. ‘Those crowds of people in your photo ruin it.’

She shrugged. ‘It shows what happened. It’s not pretending to be something it’s not.’

In the photo was Jay. Arms stretched high trying to get a perfect shot of the valley with no one else in it.

And attached securely to the end of his Canon EF 16-35mm was the lens cap.


Friday Fictioneers is a challenge set by Rochelle each week where writers from around the world post 100 word stories based on a common photo prompt. For more information, and to read other stories, visit Rochelle’s page here.


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58 responses to “Tunnel vision (Friday Fictioneers)

  1. There’s no answer to that. Nicely done, Jessie. By the way, how did your lovely story in the competition?

  2. margaret jackson

    clever story Jess – loved it.

  3. Graham Lawrence

    Oops! Very clever.

  4. Haha – we’ve probably all done that! Good luck in the comp – fingers crossed for you.

  5. Don’t you just have to love an ‘expert’. Very tongue in cheek, and nicely done.

  6. Dear Jessie,

    Your last line made me laugh out loud. Yep, he’s the expert all right. Nicely done.



  7. michael1148humphris

    Been there, done that, loved your take on the prompt, just had to smile

  8. Ha.. the lens cap fail.. I can understand why he doesn’t like it. It tells the truth.

  9. Haha, brilliant. We’ve all done that – maybe not for the whole day though. I especially like how much of a huff he is in about it! 🙂

  10. Wonderful story.Made me grin.

  11. lol! Nice story. My sister thought she was saving money when a friend offered to photograph her wedding…free of charge. She set up splendid shots, only to discover she forgot the lens cap on the camera lens. We had to totally re-enact the wedding in order to obtain pictures. Then we discovered she forgot film. I believe the woman quit photography soon afterwards.

  12. Dale

    Ha ha! That was a hoot… Nothing better than the “expert” getting his comeuppance…

  13. Darn. I hate when that happens.

  14. I often wish I had a little emoji with a guy putting his face in his palm. That is my reaction when I play Goofy! HYUCK!!!! Too funny Jessie. Yes, as Neil said let us know, it isn’t quite as good as winning, but knowing someone means real people do.

  15. I had a little chuckle to that one.

  16. I really enjoyed the action here; it swept me up and made me forget for a moment that I was reading fiction.

  17. “The best laid shots of mice and man…” No onder he didn’t want to hear about her success. 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment! It must have subconsciously inspired me to read ‘Of mice and men’ because a few days later I read the whole book in one day! Have you read it? Fantastic story…

  18. Great last line, Jessie – and I bet the guy’s heard the adage, “Pride goeth before a fall.” He might remember it next time! Well done.

  19. Hahahahaha! For me, and I’m a professional at this, mine was the scourge of the attacking finger. Great story, Jessie!

  20. handmadejewelryhaven

    I meant to comment on last weeks post and then a week went by (how did THAT happen!).
    This is great stuff. Fun. I will be back for more!
    – Lisa

  21. We’ve all known someone like this! Nicely done.

  22. Ashley Danielle

    Wow! So distracted by what he wanted he forgot to do what he needed. Just a simple little task shows the world more than we ever thought about a person. Great job!

  23. We need more ordinary people to tell it like it is! Fun story.

  24. Hardy har! This is fun! I can’t count the number of times I did that.

  25. Great comic timing from the build up to the punch line, I thought this as great

  26. I think I’ve been on both sides in that scenario! Great story 🙂

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