The grass is always greener (Friday Fictioneers)


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‘I want the green one, Mummy, the GREEEEEEN OOOONNNEE!’

My two-year-old certainly knows what he likes.

I fish the last green battery out of the jar, then discover that his toy car needs two batteries.

‘They both have to be green, Mummy!’

I drive to seven different shops looking for green batteries. They only have packs of 100 left. At least I know he’ll be happy for a very long time.

The second I walk through the door he greets me with:

‘I don’t like green anymore, Mummy. I like red now.

Of course he does.


Friday Fictioneers is a challenge set by Rochelle each week where writers from around the world post 100 word stories based on a common photo prompt. For more information, and to read other stories, visit Rochelle’s pageΒ here.


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61 responses to “The grass is always greener (Friday Fictioneers)

  1. “Of course he does” – such a perfect summing up of the senseless, changeable nature of young children.

    “Of course” are two words that help me get through every day with my (currently 16mo) daughter – I really felt the narrator’s pain in this story!

  2. Dear Jessie,

    No doubt every parent in this group will relate to your story. I could feel her frustration in the last line.



  3. I chuckled reading your story. Many parents could relate their own green story!

  4. Ha.. there is a point when you just say no… it’s green or nothing sweetie…:-) but we always let ourselves be led by those little minds don’t we?

  5. Yep, that’s the fickleness of a child. Cute story!

  6. Of course he does….so frustratingly sweet…or maybe sweetly frustrating? But what can you do…I enjoyed your story!

  7. Caerlynn Nash

    Chuckle! Of course he likes red. She should have known that! LOL! Nice story!

  8. Oh yes! How that made me smile, Jessie.

  9. ‘Almost’ makes me glad that my children and grandchildren have grown up.

  10. mickwynn2013

    Reminds me of when mine were young, they never wanted anything they needed it!

  11. Still smiling! That took me back to a time and place of sheer happiness and great frustration! If there was a way to express ‘motherhood’ you’ve summed it up nicely… πŸ™‚

  12. The words of every mother echoed in a single line. Haha of course he does. πŸ˜‚ thanks for the giggle.

  13. I can totally relate to your story, Jessie, but I can’t help loving the notion of a young child exploring the world and what they find special at an given moment! You’ve captured the whims of a 2 year old beautifully.

  14. Adam Ickes

    Sounds about par for the course for a 2 year old. Personally, I would have attempted to change the subject as they tend to be easily distracted to make him forget about what color batteries I was using before I drove to seven different shops.

  15. A fickle little one isn’t he?

  16. A great mix of the joys and frustrations of parenthood. Lovely story Jessie πŸ™‚

  17. That is both charming and adorable, and perfectly sums up the fleeting nature of childhood’s obsessions (plus the frustration they probably engender in patient adults).

  18. Hahahahaha! Of course he does. Priceless. Kids and their notions — unbelievable. Great story, Jessie!

  19. Boy, you hit the thumb on the nail with that one, Jessie. It’s amazing how quickly something can go from critical to useless in their eyes.

  20. Of course he does! Hahaha. Such an adorable read. In enjoyed it. πŸ˜€

  21. Wouldn’t you just know it- only one green battery in the jar!

  22. gahlearner

    Very cute story. Having a collection of different colours of everything sounds helpful. πŸ˜€

  23. Green has an odd effect on kids when it’s on their dinner plate, too. Strange. I echo everyone’s praise, Jessie. A lovely picture of the capriciousness of a two year old.

  24. Nice story with a sense of humor! I agree with other readers that it feels very realistic! : )

  25. Cute story! If only my kids were still that age ….

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